May 8th, 2021Yann Caloghiris - Digital Design Director

Approach and methodology provide essential structure for the creative process. They help make the right choices early and maintain creative and design integrity.




Incite - strategic approach

A great piece of communication should invite the audience into having a closer look. It should find a balance between informing and entertaining the audience. It must make them feel something, learn something and it should reward them for doing so. 

Immerse - creative goal

When customers are truely immersed in the world created by a piece of communication, they are more likely to engage further with the brand. This immersive experience should supplement the brand's relationship with it's audience, and participate to creating a holistic brand approach.

Include - work ethic

The creative process relies on the quality of the collaborations and a set of shared values between all its participants. As a creative team, we should: deliver when we say we're going to, use time productively, be approachable, un-precious because great ideas strive from openness, be honest, admit mistakes and practice a culture where everyone can say what they think. Finally, we should both take pride in our work and be our toughest critics.




Research what is happening in the real world for the client; internally, externally, for their customers, the competition and the brand’s ecosystem as a whole.


Uncover a unique angle which best communicates the brand's distinctive personality and highlights the product's unique selling points.


Develop a unique, preferably integrated, creative solution with a toolbox of brand assets.

The creative should both create a genuine point of difference and standout from the crowd.


A big idea is redundant if it's not beautifully executed.